A virtual face
for your brand

Face-to-face conversation with virtual humans connected to your chatbot

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Why is is it so hard
to get customers engaged online?

Because most of our communication comes from facial expressions, we are hard-wired for this.

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The old way

Customer service reps

For many people. shopping in a store with a customer service agent is still the gold standard. In the digital world however, it's not scalable.

  • Not scalable
  • Expensive
  • Inefficient
Automated solutions


Chatbots are efficient and scalable but they miss the human touch. They're not showing emotions, not communicating, they're just getting the job done.

  • Not personal
  • Not engaging
  • Not memorable

50%+ of online sales are lost

because visitors can't find what they're looking fors

Let's bring back the benefits of a customer service rep to an online experience

A digital human assistant can greet app or website users up front, and take them to their desired browsing pages through a simple voice (or text) interaction. They may say "no thank", but the important part is the offer to help and the emotional connection that forms when you create that level of care.

As noted in Forbes: “Emotion plays a role in shopping behavior. There is a human side of in- store shopping and shoppers crave that visceral experience.”

A virtual face for your brand

Make sure that the first touchpoint with your customer is a human one

Choose a virtual human or let us create one for you. Connect it to your chatbot of choice. Provide an in-store experience for your customers online.

Start giving a consistent and excellent experience

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Step 1

Pick one of our virtual humans or let us characters create a new one for you

We can discuss what kind of virtual human is in your mind and we can build it for your brand.

Step 2

Connect it to your chatbot with ease

Our virtual humans can connect to any existing chatbot solutions and language processing systems.

Step 3

Let your customers talk to your virtual animation human across all platforms

Everything is running from the cloud, which means your virtual human is accessible from any mobile, desktop or kiosk.

UP2VR CodeCluster VR Tours

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