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Enhance creativity and productivity in your game development and virtual production. Our flexible and effective service helps our clients adopt procedural workflows and custom solutions.

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Custom procedural assets that help artists to work freely and create multiple iterations


Custom tools that help from cleaning up animation data to automate time-consuming manual processes

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With the free Houdini for Unreal Engine plugin, everything we create is ready to use without learning new skills and purchasing new software

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At Scan&Eggs, we have our recipe when faced with impossible challenges.

We walk with you to ensure that everything we do is optimized perfectly for your goals. Our focus is to create Houdini tools that exponentially accelerates your current content creation process. Time is always important so we wrapped up our method into 3 simple steps.

Step 1


Before we start to work, we schedule a call, where we learn more about your business, your team, your project and set the goal what we want to achieve. Understanding your situation is important to make sure we find the best solution. In addition, we love to be more engaged, we want to feel that your success is ours as well.

Step 2


After we understand the background, we do our reasearch. Usually, there's several different options which has their own ups and downs. A typical case is that during this phase, we see that we can create something which is more general but can be useful for your future projects as well. The decision is always yours, we're happy with it.

Step 3


We don't think of delivery as a last meeting, where we say goodbye to each other. We're always here to help and we also love to discuss if anything else can be improved.

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Creating huge immersive worlds populated with vast amounts of assets is tough. We help our partners to create more content faster while meeting deadlines and containing costs.

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Because technology and creativity always go hand-in-hand

Is it a game or virtual production? There'll always be new problems and we're passionate to find solutions. Our main strength is the experience using the latest technologies to reach the highest quality level!


The Beginning

Inspired by the first consumer VR headset, the idea of a 3D development studio came to life in 2016. The first year started with the creation of interactive real-time visualizations for Hungary's leading real estate developers and it was a perfect opportunity to prove our expertise in photorealism.


Joint ventures

Two years and plenty of projects later, following our passion, we wanted to create something unique. Something more challenging, which was never done before. Collaborating with a startup from tourism, we created an on-location outside walking tour, which enables people to experience famous historical events from the very same phisycal location where they happened. It contained 7 cinematic VR shorts, all created using Unreal Engine 4 and Houdini.


Location-based entertainment

Our main strength is our experience to apply several different technologies in our projects. Late 2019, we opened a location based VR escape room in San Jose, California. During the experience, people could phisically walk around, touch the walls and interact with the game environment. To make this game alive, we didn't just develop the game, we also integrated several custom devices and phisically built the layout of the game in reality.


3D scanning

Ever since we created the first real estate visualizations, we always loved 3D scanning technology. After Covid hit, we had some time to build our own scanning studio and started to build a real-time ready face database. In the same time, still passionate about photorealism, we created an online exhibition for the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, which won the Red Dot Design Award last year. Late 2020, we've got accepted to Europe's leading b2b accelerator program, Startup Wise Guys which took our business to the next level.


It all comes together

During the years, we've worked on plenty of projects and learned three key things about the industry and ourselves:

  • We love people in the game and film industry
  • We love to solve seemingly imposibble problems with technology
  • More often than not, people are specialized and very good at an area, but don't have time to stay up to date with other technologies, which could help their work

We decided to build a company that doesn't just sell a general solution, but provide customized solutions for every project. Breaking from tradition, we are not simple looking for projects to develop, we are looking for problems. The bigger the problem, the more passionate we are. Using Houdini's procedural approach, we're especially good at solving the typical problem which almost everyone has in this industry:

I need more content faster, while meeting the deadlines and containing costs.