Characters for
Virtual Production

Production-ready, realistic humans with complex animations, made easy.

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Why is is it so hard
to get human characters right?

Because with animated characters, there's always a choice none of us wants to make. Quality, speed and price – pick one and compromise on the rest.

Don't want to pick just one? You might not have to.

Let's take the pain out of your VP projects See how we're different
The old way

Sculpting characters

Hiring a specialist with years of experience. This method usually yields great results, if your project has an unlimited budget and no deadline. Is that often the case?

  • Slow
  • Costly
  • Not real-time ready
That generic look

Character generators

Easy to do, but the result is rarely something you'd like to put your name to. Ever heard of the uncanny valley?

  • Looks generic
  • Deep in the uncanny valley
  • Another software to learn

100+ hours

spent on each
manually created character

Stop wasting your resources.

A high-quality, photorealistic human character takes 100+ hours for a skilled professional to make and prepare for virtual production.

That's valuable time and money you could use to take your production to new heights.

Library of 3D-scanned characters

Turn days into minutes

Drop a new character into your scene with just a few clicks. Animate them like it's no big deal. Customize with your existing animation packs or even your own facial expressions.

Start creating complex animations in minutes.

Try it out – it's really theat easy
Step 1

Pick and download one of our characters

We provide an Unreal Engine project file with a sample scene. Our characters come rigged, textured, ready to use.

Step 2 Coming soon

Control your character with ease

Just drop the character's included UE4 Blueprint into a scene (no coding required!) and select the desired behaviour. Want them to, say, stroll around? Mark a few points of reference and select the Wander behaviour. That's it!

Step 3

Record your own facial animation

You can use any iPhone or iPad with Face ID capabilities to record facial animations and apply them to our characters in real time.

+ Coming soon

Bring your own animations

If you have purchased an animation pack before, you can use those too. Scan & Eggs characters are compatible with any Unreal-standard skeleton animation.

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